Kill Hill 3 World Cup Liberec, July 8-14 (Race 12-14) [MAIN]

In Liberec (Sports Complex Vesec resort), we have already had two annually and successful Kill Hill slalom skateboarding races. This resort is built for winter and summer leisure activities. In winter there are organized races in Nordic Skiing; in summer it is the resort venue for a big music festival and skiers training on roller skis and inline skates.
Here is the good news that has not yet experienced the slalom skateboarding scene at all!
Perhaps the best area for slalom skateboarding in Europe (from our point of view only Hog Hill in London can compete with it) will host a fantastic slalom camp the second week of July. The camp is designed for all slalom categories and racers who really want to ride and exercise on all types of slalom tracks. There will be a flat tight slalom and of course tight slalom on a nice pitch, a tighter hybrid slalom, but also even looser, Giant Slalom shorter and more technical and also Super Giant Slalom (suitable also for longboarders).


Camp participants have the unique opportunity to experience all types of tracks using a timer and video recording, to try skateboards setups, improve their performance and get advice from top riders and at the end of the week to rock the Kill Hill 3 race with the ISSA Main status. Three weeks after the camp, the European Championships of Slalom Skateboarding is hosted in London. We are sure that the camp experience will help you to get better placement during this top event in the 2013 season. Last but not least, the slalom camp it’s a great opportunity to make friends with other riders you meet at other events all over the world and have a lot of fun.
Camping will be possible directly in the area Vesec. This means, you can ride directly from your tent to the tracks with your board. There are toilets and showers available. Every evening a party will be held and screened footage from the last day will be available for video coaching. For evening events and parties we will have a big party tent, in which refreshments will be provided at minimal prices, so you will not need to leave the slalom camp. In case of individual wishes, the next village is 10min far away (by car).


In the resort, we have all possible types of tracks available (different pitches 0%-15%).
Each day we will be able to use one part of the large area, where the start ramps, timekeeping, blackboards to write the times, cones and camcorder will be prepared. Each day will be devoted to one discipline. Hybrid Slalom (Monday), Giant Slalom (Tuesday), Tight Slalom (Wednesday). Each day we will have four lessons (one lesson about two hours). Our idea is to build four different tracks every day, seated by four different riders from four different countries. It will be possible to practice each slalom course for two hours before the next course will change. To fulfill our vision we are looking for candidates who would be able to build a course and also who might become a teachers for other riders. Candidates who have a desire to actively participate in slalom camp events, please book a day and time here on this site and if possible, write down what you would like to build to coach during the two hours. (Booking rules „first come, first served“). Your activity will be rewarded with five free beers voucher.
RASAV (Rekreační a sportovní areál Vesec)
Liberec XXV – Vesec,
46312 Czech republic
Nearest airport by car: Prague 130 km – (95 min), Dresden 133 km – (110 min)
From Prague airport by bus: Praha airport – Praha Černý Most(64 min), Praha Černý most – Liberec[ (75 min)
Route by car is very easy, from Germany / Waidhaus 270 km (150min.) all journey on the highway. Race area is 2 km from highway.
July 08 to 11 Slalom Camp
July 12 to 14 Kill Hill, Main Status ISSA Contest
CTM Agency – Josef Štefka (organizer Policka contests 1990 – 1992, 2007, 2008, World Championships 2010 Hradec Králové, Kill Hill Liberec 2011, 2012, Double Kings 2012) Petr Janoušek (ISSA BOD member, president CASS, organizer Prague slalom Contest 2009 – 2012) Petr Tomášek (director of Vesec area, longboarder) and more…
Camp straight in Vesec area, place for tents, car park, toilets and showers located in main building, electricity connection,
Camping fee (flat rate) per person 20 Euro (whether for one or seven nights) 20 EUR for the whole week
Hotel Petra
other hotels and guest houses
Neo renaissance The Town Hall, city inside city Babylon Centre, white tigers in ZOO, The building of the century Ještěd 1012 m above sea level, Jizera mountains, many activities for family holiday, nature, entertainment and many others during the whole week accompained by racers from all Europe
Look at Tourist info
Technical support
technical building, engine back pack blowers, safety bags, mobile tribune, start ramps 120cm (Worlds 2010 Hradec Kralove), 2 timing systems, monitor for racers,
Video Kill Hill 2012
Feel free and support this great event, we are looking for appropriate prizes (Sk8 stuff for overall placements, gifts for Kids/Juniors etc.)
Party tent
projector, screen projection, videocoaching, music, some days live music,
fridge for participants, pastry, czech beer €1, water 1.5 l €1, sausages €2, steak €3 – 4, salad €3,
Kids 11, Youngs14, Juniors 17, Women, Open, Masters
Day 1 – Monday 08.07. Hybrid slalom
10.00 – (course builder name), 12.00 – (course builder name), 15.00 – (course builder name), 17.00 – (course builder name)
Day 2 – Tuesday 09.07. Giant slalom
10.00 – lower half course, technical a lot of off set cones (course builder name), 12.00 – lower half course (kids and juniors) (course builder name), 15.00 – complete Giant course (Josef)
17.00 – Super Giant, easy course for maximal speed (longboard?) (course builder name)
Day 3 – Wednesday 10.07 Tight slalom
10.00 – (course builder name), 12.00 – (course builder name), 15.00 – (course builder name), 17.00 – (course builder name)
Day 4 – Thursday 11.07. Rest day, free longboarding on Jested Hill, visit the neighborhood
Day 5 – Friday 12.07. Main Contest – Hybrid Slalom
1% – 5%, 45 – 50 cones, 2,2 – 5 m, finish up to hill, (no foot brake) 2 runs
11.00 Kids 11, Youngs 14, Juniors 17, 13.00 Women, 14.00 Open, Masters, practice half hour before each category
Day 6 – Saturday 13.07. Main Contest – Giant slalom
300m, 10% / 2% / 15% / 4%, finish up to hill (no foot brake) 2 runs
11.00 Kids 11, Youngs 14, Juniors 17, 13.00 Women, 14.00 Open, Masters, practice half hour before each category
Day 7 – Sunday 14,07. Main Contest – Dual Tight Slalom
flat, 1,7 – 2,9 m, fast tarmac, 50 cones dual line, 2 runs qualification, 24 Head to Head final,
10.00 Kids 11, Youngs 14, Juniors 17, 11.00 Women, 12.00 Open, Masters Qualification, 13.30 Finals H2H Women (8/4), 14.00 Finals H2H Open (24), Masters (8), 15.30 Victory ceremony Overall for each category
Registration fees
advance payment via Master / Visa card, PayPal, until the end of May 2013 / until 7.7. / on the place
Contest T-shirt only when registering until 7.7. 2013
Registration fee for camping
racers and others participants each €20 ONLY! One day or all week, payment when you arrive
Sponsor goods for all overall categories, Prize Money still dealing with sponsors and also dependent on the participants count, at this time we count with €1000 and will announce in time
Already registered
registered racers

Invites and enjoying Josef


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  1. Tak já už to zaplatil… 40 Eur za Main je nejnižší částka, co si pamatuji, že jsem kdy platil… a těším se na kemp…Chozé, budeš někde dělat nějakou registraci?

  2. Díky Peter… To víš, jak jsem se dostal k „Prizes“, tak jsem si řekl, že to už pro mě dál není… 😉

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